Wenchi Trip(Back)

Well another week or two has gone by, we unfortunately have not been able to get the computers completely back up and running yet, though we are close. It has been a long three weeks that we have had to endure; both for the computer department working solidly to try and get things going again a.s.a.p., but also for the staff as a whole, having to go back to working without computers. They have been very patient with things, which is good because we hit problem after problem. Too many times, things did not work as they should have. However, we are starting to reconnect the computers to the network and hopefully the whole system will be more secure overall.

Other than that, school continues as normal. The Annual field day was held on Friday and Saturday of last week, and the whole school was out participating in it. My job was to MC the whole event, calling out races and events that were about to start, and any other announcements that happened to be given to me. I tried to spice things up by adding in random TV show quotes into the announcements to see how many people noticed.

Overall field day was a complete success and the kids all had a really great time; yet another event that benefits greatly from the huge effort put into its organisation, this time around from the PE department.

On Sunday morning, Brian and I set off again on another trip; this time with 11 other people from Bingham. We went back to Ambo, to Lake Wenchi. We borrowed tents from Bingham and went down to the lakeside to camp. It was quite windy; at times I thought our tent would collapse, but otherwise beautiful. We swam in the lake again, and chilled around the camp fire. On Monday we headed back out from the crater to the nearby hot springs. They are located in the midst of beautiful landscape with green meadows and a brook running through them. Not like Ethiopia at all! It felt similar to stepping into Narnia, or the Shire or something. The springs themselves are a small waterfall coming out of a rock in a hill, with a small pool. Quite a luxury!

I'm lowering the frequency of postings these days, mainly because nothing much is happening out of the ordinary in between posts. Hear there is snow back home at the moment; wow! Wish we had some here!


Posted at 5 February, 2009, 6:02pm

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