Last thoughts from Sian(Back)

Here are some last thoughts from Sian on leaving Ethiopia. Even though I don't often update this blog, I thought it might be a good last post here of our time in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, I won’t miss queueing at 5 or more different windows every time I want to process any paperwork. I won’t miss feeling like I am in a driver awareness video every time I get behind the wheel, dodging donkeys, fruit sellers with wheel barrows full, and of course pedestrians. I won’t miss traffic that makes you want to cry with frustration and pull your hair out. I won’t miss being stared at in the street and called ‘ferengie’, (foreigner), or even ‘china’ or asked ‘where I go? I won’t miss frequent stomach issues and I won’t miss not being able to find good cheese and pork products. I won’t miss internet, power, and water issues.
But Ethiopia, oh how I will miss so much. I will miss the best coffee in the world, and melt in your mouth buttery Shiro from Tigray and injera and all your other delicious foods that make the stomach issues worth it. I will miss the good humour and smiles that turn interactions in traffic jams into something to laugh over. I will miss the time that people take to greet you and ask about you and your family. I will miss the warmth of your people and the genuine hospitality, given even when people don’t have much themselves. I will miss the beauty to be found outside the city, your lakes of Langano, Babogaya, and Hawassa, the Simien mountains, the many places we camped and the animals we saw. And I will miss your beautiful ancient Christian history. I will miss your vast blue skies and sunshine that are present for much of the year. It’s very likely that I will miss people calling me ‘ferengie’ and the ‘excitement’ of driving here. I will miss how much the absence of certain foods makes you appreciate the little things when you get them. But most of all Ethiopia, I will miss the people that you gave me, the family you have given me since I arrived on my own over 3 years ago. My heart is breaking as I think of all the precious people, we have said goodbye to. I wish I could name you all but you know who you are. We will meet again.
Thank-you Jesus for giving us Ethiopia, for putting it in our hearts in a way that it can never be removed, and thank-you for giving us such a wonderful time that it is painful to say goodbye. I wouldn’t want it any other way, and after all the goodbyes, I am excited to say some long overdue hellos back in the UK.

Posted at 15 June, 2019, 8:15am

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