Short break in Langano(Back)

This past month, I had the chance of a much needed break after activities week. Bingham took one week off for October break. I found it initially wasn't very relaxing, as not very many other teachers were heading outside of the city, something that I knew I needed to do for a proper break. There is always something happening around Addis which keeps me busy. On top of that, receiving emails about IT problems back at Bingham makes me think that I should be there as much as I can, trying to help solve and fix things. So I was desperate to get away from the city, somewhere out of touch of internet and busyness. Fortunately, my house mates found that they had a couple of days off work also, so we loaded up my small car, and set off for 3 days in Langano. Sitting there, in the middle of nowhere, with no sounds expect the birds and monkeys in the trees, it's the perfect place to relax and unwind. It was so nice to sit beside the lake and chill; a much needed rest. The hippos that live in the lake made an appearance beside the SIM compound too, so it was awesome to see them.

 Langano beach house

After coming back to Addis to start back to school, the last two weeks have been pretty hectic. I've been trying to instigate some changes in the IT network here, and like all new systems, there have been a few bumps that have needed smoothing out. To make matters worse, the internet here for the past week or so has been particularly bad, sometimes working, sometimes not. It has been difficult to determine which times were our new system, and which were just bad internet. Anyway, things seem to be running a little smoother on our end now, so it is nice to be able to tell people that any further problems are not our fault!

I've been spending the last week or so instigating a new form of bible classes with my grade 11 class. We have gone back to a much more basic discussion level, and I've got them warmed up with a very basic "Does God exist?" discussion. We've been looking at John Lennox debating Richard Dawkins on the subject, a really good debate. It has got the kids really thinking, and they are enjoying watching the Lennox Dawkins debate. Please do continue to pray for me as I seek to engage the students where they are at spiritually, and challenge them to be critical thinkers. Pray that God's truth will sink deep into their lives, and that it will not simply be head knowledge.


Posted at 4 November, 2015, 1:43pm

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