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So again, sorry that it's been a while since I've posted last, things are continuing at a hectic rate here. I'm getting more and more into the swing of teaching every day, and feeling more comfortable being in front of a group of students again, which is great. I have just finished my first module with my bible class, and we're starting into Hebrews properly a week from Monday. Bible classes can be a little stressful at times, but I definitely do feel like God is continuing to help me figure out the logistics of school bible lessons to students as opposed to youth talks etc like I'm used to. In a couple of weeks, I'll be heading down country for a retreat with the students of the class, so that will undoubtedly be a great chance to get to know all of them better, which in turn will help me be more comfortable teaching them. Otherwise, work at the school is going OK, though I feel like I have a lot of hats that I'm having to wear at once, as well as teacher, IT coordinator and helping out with various music events, and rock wall supervisor. I have often found myself very tired at the end of the day, so please pray for God's strength for me and the other teachers as we cope with an increased load this year.

Yesterday was New Year's Day in Ethiopia, it just turned 2008. This meant a day off school for those of us at Bingham which was very welcome, but also the sights and sounds in Addis of people preparing for a holiday celebration. Many sheep and goats were being sold and then dragged off in various ways to become the night's special celebration dinner. My house mates had some friends over, and we celebrated the new year in a traditional way, loads of Ethiopian food.

The climbing wall in action this past week!

This coming week at Bingham is known as the Spiritual Emphasis Week. Every day the students will have a special chapel, and a talk by one of the speakers that Bingham has brought here. Everyone here is very excited about what God will do in the lives of the students during this week, I know that it's always a highlight in the year here. Please pray that God will be moving in the lives of the students as they listen to the talks, and for me and the other teachers as we attempt to spark good conversations with them about what they've heard.

Some other interesting things these past weeks:

A guy cuts down a tree behind our house. He scaled this massive eucalyptus tree with nothing more than a rope wrapped around his waist and the tree and shimmied up, then proceeded to chop the tree down above him bit by bit.

The IAAF championships were on recently, and as expected Ethiopia excelled in the marathons. These restaurant staff left what they were doing in the restaurant to cheer on the Ethiopian victory in the women's marathon.

More pics

Thanks for all your prayers for me here, I definitely feel that God is helping me get settled into the work load that I have.
Blessings, Niall

Posted at 13 September, 2015, 4:19pm

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