The ongoing process...(Back)

It's been a while since I posted a blog, but with things continuing to progress regarding my future, I thought it would be best to start again, to document the process, for anyone who's interested. I've redone the website too, a new look for a new start.

So regarding the process, I'll recap. A few months ago, I applied to SIM as a long term member. Hoping to leave Ireland for the mission field sometime after I graduate from the Irish Baptist College in May, I decided to go through the application process during my final academic year. So far I've finished:
- Preliminary interview
- Personal History review
- Doctrinal questionnaire
- Psychology interview
- and my final interview.
Oh well, its nothing if not thorough :) I am currently waiting to hear back officially from SIM, but hopeful that they should accept me. I'll get a letter on Monday apparently.

At present, I'm hoping to go back to Bingham Academy, Ethiopia. I'm planning to get involved with IT (of course) but also plenty of bible teaching with the students there. I had a Skype interview with the school on Monday morning, and was able to iron out some of the details. It will be great to see how everything unfolds, and to see how God works to lead and direct me.

At present, I'm hoping to begin the process of support raising, in preparation for leaving for the mission field. I'm conscious that this may take some time, but am trusting that God will provide in His time. Currently, the earliest that I would be leaving will be late this year, perhaps October or November time.

I'll post more of the process and any developments as they happen here. Watch this space!


Posted at 15 February, 2014, 4:48pm

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